Bowling Hall of Fame Inductee

Doris Allen Lee was inducted into the Alabama USBC State Bowling Hall of Fame on July 28, 2018 in Guntersville, Alabama; in recognition of dedicated service and achievement in the Sport of bowling.

She has bowled for fifty-three (53) consecutive years. Doris has participated in forty Alabama Women’s Championship Tournaments and seventeen (17) State Senior Tournaments. She represented Alabama in Reno, NV during the 2013 and 2016 USBC Women’s Senior Championship Tournaments, both in the 75+ Age Group. She tied for 17th place out of 30th participants in 2013 and won 4th place out of 25 participants in 2016.

Doris was elected to the Alabama Women’s Bowling Association’s Board of Directors and served a three-year term prior to the merger. During her tenure, she served as chairman/member of six (6) different committees. She has attended thirty-five (35) annual meetings as a delegate or alternate. She has served as chairman/member of several committees during the meetings.

She has served on the Board of Directors of the Mobile USBC Women’s Bowling Association for 39 years and as Sgt-At-Arms for three (3) years. Doris has served as chairman or member on every committee during her tenure on the Board of Directors. She served as a certified YABA coach of the Bantam age group for ten (10) years. She was inducted into Mobile’s Women’s Bowling Hall of Fame in 1995 for Meritorious Service to the sport. Doris currently bowls in two (2) leagues during the winter seasons, just as she has for over forty years.

Doris was a graduate of Mobile County Training School in the Class of 1953.


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