Africatown Heritage Preservation Foundation

The Africatown Community, located in Mobile, Alabama, is best known for its connection to the U.S. slave ship Clotilda.  This community was established by the very same Africans that were enslaved and brought to the U.S. illegally aboard the Clotilda in 1860.  Since the establishment of the community, residents have shared an ongoing desire to create a community of academic excellence and economic prosperity while enduring seemingly unsurmountable challenges related to race and environmental degradation.  Despite these challenges Africatown community members have again and again accomplished outstanding successes and are looking towards leading cultural healing for the community, Alabama, and the entire USA. 

Because of the resilient positive spirit and ever-enduring legacy of our community, the Africatown Heritage Preservation Foundation (AHPF) is devoted to promoting stewardship and awareness of the historic, cultural, and economic value of Africatown.  AHPF will nurture and support healing and collaborative efforts related to Africatown.